Is it really possible to beat online casino slots at their own game? Very much so. You only need to look at a casino’s payout rate to see that winning from legitimate online operators is a common thing. So, here you will learn how it is all possible when face to face with the biggest jackpot slot machine games online.

Introducing You to the World of Slot Machines

There are many, many different online slots for you to play on. They all come in a manner of different sizes, themes, shapes and styles. All the best-produced slots from around the world are open to players in South Africa. Over here you will find the top 10 sites to join and in each one there is an average of 800+ titles to explore. The slot game is the most played and highest paying form of game to be created for the casino. It is also the home of the progressive jackpot, the multi-million-rand prizes that can see players walk away with amounts that far exceed R16,000,000!!!

How to Beat the Slots

There are a number of factors that go into selecting the perfect slots to play that will help boost your chances. Some of these factors come into play before you even load the games up. First, you need a reputable casino that follows the regulation rules of fair play. You can find examples of these sites when you click here. A regulated casino will test games for fair play each month to be sure no bugs or faults are detected that could hamper your chances.

  1. Pick a licensed and regulated casino from our top 10 list linked above.

Once you have a site, look for the games which provide players with more chances of winning.

  1. Games with Multi-jackpots.

  2. Games with bonus rounds and features.

  3. Games with high-valued symbols.

  4. Games that are newly released.

Each one of these factors plays a part in giving you a head start on the game before playing it. Here is how they all combine in improving your chances.

The more jackpot chances you have, the better your odds of landing when you qualify, than if you just had one jackpot. The more bonuses you have leads to more opportunities for increasing your profits. Because low valued symbols land more commonly, its best to select a game that say, offers 3x your wager for the lower value than 2x. When it comes to newly released games; more money is put into these by other players, therefore, increasing the likelihood of a payout more frequently.

How to Beat the Casinos

There is another way to tip the odds in your favour when it comes to playing the slots online.

This is a hack, a cheat, a secret way around the system that the casinos don’t want you knowing about. Every player is linked to what is called a management tool, this tool is made by the same people that create the games. This tool records the games you play, how often you play, how much you spend, how much you win and everything else. This tool is synced to the games, their algorithms use all this data within a single spin to determine when you win and when you lose. How do you beat this? Deletion of your data! You need to be seen by the tool as a new player, that way it cannot influence the outcome.

When you win, always exit the game and move onto the next newly released title. When to stop playing, when you begin to lose 20% of your profit margin. When you finish, delete your browser history, clear your cache, delete and uninstall the app. Wait 30 days and reload, sign in and play. During the 30-day period, the casino will have done its own clean which can be detected in one simple way…

When you play your last game, make sure the final spin is the lowest possible wager amount, say 0.10. When you go back, if the default setting is back higher than this, all data has been cleared. If it remains 0.10, the casino is yet to clear its cache of data. This is how you beat the casino.